Epesi BIM • Business Information Manager • Free and Open Source web CRM & Cloud ERP kickstarter RAD for LAMP stack

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Strona o Epesi BIM w jęz. polskim. Karina Tylek 12-2021

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jtylek / epesiwhmcs
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epesiwhmcs is WHMCS template based on WebHost, an extended version of default template 'Six'. It has a better User interface and better User Experience for Web Hosting/domain sellers.

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jtylek / tylek.org
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Warehouse Management System

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epesi / Epesi-Core
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Epesi Core 2.0 Version Laravel + Agile UI / Data based

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EPESI BIM • Business Information Manager • Cloud CRM/ERP http://epe.si/

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Disable languages from the WHMCS client area With this module you can easily disable languages from the WHMCS client area.

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