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- Change cookie expiration time to 7 days for maintenance mode
- Improve update process - make sure maintenance mode is on during patches
- Set default customer for phonecalls, tasks and meetings
- Fix toolbar mode switch in ckeditor
- Add global cache stored in the file (Dev)
- Update ckeditor to the latest version
- Replace CustomRoundcubeAddons with built-in related mechanism
- Fix Roundcube archive copy/paste
- Add option to export RB report to csv file
- Fix issues in currencies admin panel for PostgreSQL database
- Register custom Prototype events also in jQuery (Dev)
- Add selection rules to RecordBrowser
- Currency field - fix frozen value display
- Add option to disable module without uninstall
- Improve /admin script to manage disabled modules
- Base/Print - add more document config params to PDF
- Base/Print - pass printer classname to document_config method (Dev)
- Fix GenericBrowser's default template when expandable is disabled
- Changes in expandable calculation to wrap long text fields - GenericBrowser
- Fix admin access param to get_records method - RecordBrowser

RELEASE 1.6.3-20150107