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<b>EPESI BIM</b> (Business Information Manager) is a fully functional web CRM/ERP application to store, organize, access and share business records. Manage your data precisely, flexibly and easily, simplifying internal communication and making work-flow more efficient.

Thanks to its modular design it can be easily customized by simple installation of additional modules. Custom recordets can be created via Admin Panel using GUI tools with full support of __Record Browser CRUD__ engine, like lazy (soft) delete, full record history, dynamic recordsets (new fields can be added on the fly), __Advanced Permission__ access level and automatic view generation.

## Included Modules

- User Management
- Dashboard – Control Panel
- Admin Panel
- Companies – Addressbook of companies
- Contacts – Addressbook of individuals
- Shared Calendar with alerts
- Shared Task List – To Do
- Phone Calls Log
- Notes and Files (Document Management)
- e-mail client – Roundcube IMAP
- e-mail __Archive__ plugin in Roundcube
- __Exclusive Click2Fill form filling__
- __Unique Watchdog module monitoring record changes__
- __Advanced permission system__
- Shoutbox – internal messenger
- Customizable Launchpad
- __Advanced Record Browser CRUD Engine__
- __Create Custom Recordsets__

## Free Premium Modules

Available via built-in Epesi Store:

- Sales Opportunity
- Projects & Tickets
- Multiple Addresses
- Data synchronization engine
- Asterisk calling method
and more...

For more information visit

## Setup
@@ -13,7 +47,7 @@ For more information visit
- Create a database, note user and login
- Run Epesi from the installation directory.

The setup wizard will setup a user and first Company and Contact in the CRM.
The setup wizard will create a _config.php_ file, a superadmin user and first Company and Contact in the CRM.

<b>Support</b><br />
User forum<br />